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Rob AKA Reker (Pron: Wrecker)

Fisherman. Outdoorsman. Snowboarder. Adventurer.

Who am I?  Well, i'll try to be brief.  I spent my childhood on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and in the woods of Gulfport, Mississippi.  This is where my love for fishing and the outdoors formed their roots.  If I wasn't fishing with my father, mother and two sisters, I spent every free moment I had in the library on-base scouring every fishing publication I could get my McDonald's-french-fry-greasy-fingers on learning all that I could.  Later in life, in my teens, my family moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where my addiction grew more and more as the years went on as I began to hone my skills as a fisherman, snowboarder and outdoorsman.  Today I am proudly based out of the greater Tidewater, Virginia area where I fish out of a kayak in both freshwater and saltwater.  I also surf fish the beaches, fish kayak tournaments, fish and snowboard many places both in and out of the USA, constantly searching for more....